An-Analysis of Sindhi Alphabet Used in Translated Holy Quran inSindhi Prose by Akhund Azizullah Matiarvi

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Hafiz Habib-ur-Rehman Siyal


Translated Holy Quran in Sindhi prose by Akhund Azizullah Matiarvi is the basic document of Sindhi Prose. After this translation, the literary movement was started and the Sindhi literature was also written in prose.In this translated Holy Quran Akhund Azizullah used a distinct alphabet. This alphabet can be said “Akhnd Azizullah`s Sindhi” This is different from Makhdoom Abul Hassan’s alphabet and other alphabets used by different sindhischolars of that time. Here we are exploring it. This translated Holy Quran first time was printed in 1841 A.D and after it at least two times. Now, at these days it is going to be unavailable in the market. Therefore, it is necessary to secure and study this prose from its linguistic and literary sides. This translation is made in “Laari” dialect and is a vocabulary of pure Sindhi words. In the alphabet of Akhund Azizullah Matiarvi, there are six words different from the present alphabet of Sindhi language. Due to this, now a day, the script of Holy Quran is not difficult to read. While in the alphabet of Makhdoom Abul Hassan, there are sixteen words different from present Sindhi alphabet. Here, we are analyzing and comparing the alphabet of Akhund Azizullah Matiarvi with the Makhdoom Abul Hassan’s alphabet and present Sindhi alphabet.

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