A Study of the Human Disability in the Poetry of Shah Abdul Latif

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Dr. Ruqaia Aamur Soomro
Dr.Allah Wasayo Soomro


Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai was not only a poet, philosopher and also a social reformer and thinker. He teaches the human to be devoted and explains the human’s every aspect of the life. He explains in deeply the virtues of the human in religiously, politically, socially and economiecal way.There are many good virtues in the human being as well as vices for that as they become able to be hatred and disgrace. Latif awares and guides the mankind by rnatching the disability in the human society.The vices Latif observes in the person are laziness, greediness, hatred, ignorance, jelousy, proid, unbearness etc.These are the such disabilities which make a person useless and human is degraded from his achcal position. Latif aducates on the internatirad level about the vices and virbus of human being by training the civilized person. Latif gives the philosophy for building a new human society. Good virtues are the identifications of the country, a nation and society for that people can built a healthy society.

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