A Comparative Study of Idioms in the Poetry of Shah Lutufullah Qadri and Shah Latif

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Riaz Kalhoro
Dr. Fayaz Latif


Shah Lutfullah Qadri and Shah Latif occupy a high position among the main poets of Sindh. When Shah Latif became well-versed, then Shah Lutfullah Qadri left this world, and his poetry was equally popular with all ranks, which Shah Sahib also believed and was impressed with. From a technical point of view, Shah Lutfullah Qadri's poem is very important. After studying the poetry of the two poets together, it is known that Shah Latif was well aware of the poetry of Shah Lutfullah Qadri and he was also influenced by him. Shah Latif has used many words, phrases, and verses of Shah Lutfullah Qadri in his speech. There is similarity and closeness in the depth of spiritual knowledge and ideas. In this research paper, the terms and idioms in the poetry of Shah Latifullah Qadri and Shah Latif have been pointed out, which have similarities. Similar terms and idioms are present in the poetry of both.

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