Visualizing the current situation of research and ranking of universities at the national and international levels by HEC, it is observed that Research Journals are playing an important role. Moreover, promoting research culture in universities and to publish researches in scholarly journals for Postgraduate, Masters, and Doctoral Degrees needs publication of research journal by departments itself. Therefore, social sciences especially Sociology and related research fields need standard research journals
we feel great pleasure to requesting your honor for publishing a biannual research journal of sociology, with the title “REACH” RESEARCH JOURNAL OF SOCIOLOGY. A "REACH" is a short form of (Review, Enquiry & Analysis of Community and Human Behavior) 
We hope the publication of the above research journal will be a milestone towards the promotion of the academic career of research scholars at the University of Sindh and other academic institutions.

Prof. Dr. Ahmed Ali Brohi
Chairman, Department of Sociology
University of Sindh Jamshoro