Consumption Patterns of Mobile News Alerts in Pakistan

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Dr.Bashir Memon
Faiza Otho


As in this era of the digital age, everything has picked up speed. In this vein, the phenomenon of mobile journalism also has surfaced with the pace of mushrooms. Thus, all over the world, the news business companies have started to deliver news and information over the mobile phone set to the news consumers. In this way, this study, hence, is an attempt to know that at what
level, national or local, which type, sports, current affairs, weather or general news, and by what source mobile news alerts or traditional news media people satiate their thrust news and information. The data was collected by applying a systematic sampling with a random start technique which encompasses in probability sampling technique. Whereas, the findings are presented in tabular form and then the data findings in the table have been described. The key findings of the study show that mobile alerts due to their quick delivery are consumed by the mobile users and they stood as the first source of information in comparison with the traditional news media. Additionally, the findings also mentioned that the mobile holders for the most part read national-level news alerts, and further in comparison with sports and weather the news alerts of current issues and affairs are more popular among the surveyed mobile phone holders.

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