Exploring the Factors of Cultural Change: A Case Study of Kolhi Community In Sindh

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Rehmatullah Thebo
Dr. Shuja Ahmed Mahesar


This article focused on the unique culture of the Parkari Kolhi community in Sindh. This community is concentrated in the barrage areas of lower Sindh. The literature review conducted for this research shows that no serious work has been done to investigate the culture of the Parkari Kolhi community in Sindh. Thus, the study genuinely contributes new ideas about the distinctive way of life of Kolhis. This paper shows the demographic conditions of the Parkari Kolhis and analyses the socio-economic conditions of the Kolhi community. The paper also discusses various factors of cultural change. The data for this study was collected through variety of sources including participant observation, focus group discussion, and interview method. The interview method was used to explore the process of cultural change in the way of life of an important ethnic community in Sindh.

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