Journalist’s Political Affiliation and Organizational Pressure: Understanding the Reality of Panama Leaks

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Zeeshan Khan
Mohsin Hassan Khan
Rohail Asghar


This research paper investigates the political affiliations of journalists and the pressure they faced from their concerned organization during the coverage of Panama leaks issues. In order to know the views of the journalists connected with Panama leaks issues, data were collected from them through in-depth interviews as part of the qualitative method. The results describe that the reporting of the case was highly influenced by the political affiliation and there was a lot of indirect and direct pressure on that's from the organization during the coverage of Panama leaks issues. The journalists supported their favorable parties in the reports of the Panama leaks in lines with their affiliated political agenda and outlines. On the other hand, organizations also put pressure on the journalists to do reporting according to suit the political interest of the organization and increase the financial benefits. The advertiser had a strong influence on the content of the news and the advertiser exercised its pressure on the owner of the organization to exert pressure on the journalists. In this study, the researcher focused on the Hierarchy of influences model to analyze and study all those factors within or outside organization which is affecting news.

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