Impact of Communication Strategies Among College Leaders and Academic Staff on Professional Achievement of Prospective Teachers

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Sayed Saleh Muhammad Shah
Prof. Dr Muhammad Yousif Sharjeel
Dr Najmonnisa


Communication is a process which is practiced in all fields of human life. With the help of communication, everyone shares their knowledge and makes efforts for enabling to development or expand the storage of data. The most important aspect of communication with professional and novice teachers cannot be done without communication effectively. Neither society nor culture can be formed productively without professionally developed communication strategies. Communication is the fundamental process to all aspects of social life. Michael (1992) says that no positive interaction is possible without clarity and respect in the communication process. The purpose of the research was to analyze the impact of communication strategies among college leaders and academic staff on the professional achievement of prospective teachers. The data was collected through questionnaire by email from n=18 samples (6 male teachers, 6 female teachers and 6 college principals of Government Elementary Colleges of Education Men/Women Sindh. The analysis of data indicated that all principals and teachers of the GECEs had obtained Master’s degree in their subjects. The impact of communication strategies among headteachers with staff was directly proportional. All-inclusive methods of communication were used by principals, such as face to face, public gatherings, open forums, and body language. No issues or challenges were encountered during communication with principals during the teaching and learning process. This study also suggests that heads of institutions should recognize a variety of communication techniques that are comprehensive and reachable for the entire student body in a teacher training college. This study may be replicated on larger population for explorations for more evidences on the impact of communication strategies.

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