Comrade Hyder Baksh Jatoi’s Stitching Role in Pakistan’s Patched Democracy, 1947-1969

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Dr. Zaffar Iqbal Junejo
Dr. Azharudin Bin Mohamed Dali
Dr. Rashid Ali Khuhro


This article examines Pakistan’s formative years’ political policies and responses of the leadership. However, the focus of the article is to asses Comrade Hyder Baksh Jatoi’s stand on Pakistan Governments’ policies and programs (1947-1969). Thus, the article is organized in two parts; section one is about Comrade Hyder Baksh Jatoi’s biographical sketch and his struggle. Moreover, part two is the exploration of his political pamphlets written in the English language. These pamphlets document the nondemocratic steps of Pakistan Governments; spotlight Sindh Hari Committee’s struggled to make Pakistan a secular, democratic and true federal state. These pamphlets also unpack the federal government’s policies about the land grant schemes, Indian migrants’ settlement policies, snatching of Karachi city from Sindh, one-unit scheme, languages’ politics and allocation of the state lands of Sukkur Barrage, Kotri Barrage and Guddu Barrage and the tenancy rights in Sindh province, Pakistan.

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