Cyber Bullying Awareness Among Students of Universities in Sindh

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Hafiz Maaz Bin Khalid
Subhash Guriro
Muhammad Kamil Lakho
Shuhab Ud Din Shaikh


The problem of cyber bullying has prevalence throughout the world. This issue has occurred with development of the technologies. The activity carried on the platform of digital devices like computers and cell phones. The common means for cyber bullying are the social media activities. Social media are now an essential part of the everyday life of youngsters. They stay updated and connected to the world while using social media and consequently they face some kind of cyber bullying activities. The focus of this study is to find out the awareness level regarding cyber bullying among adolescents, the causes of cyber bullying and harassment in university-going youngsters, and to quantify the reported cyber bullying practices among youth. The study is quantitative and conducted in four universities of Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan using simple random sampling with a sample size of 210. Through a closed-ended questionnaire employing the survey, method data is collected. The data have been analyzed using SPSS software. The result shows that the awareness level to the prevention of cyber bullying among university students is more, and most are aware of the laws of cybercrime in Pakistan. While, the majority of incidents of cyberbullying are not reported to the Police or Cybercrime cell.

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