Challenges and Problems of Human Resource Development in Teacher Education Institutes of District Hyderabad, Sindh

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Waheed Akbar Khaskheli
Jameel Ahmed Qureshi
Irshad Ali Burfat


The purpose of this study was to examine the challenges of the development of human resources development. This kind of study would highlight the dimensions that can be manipulated to enhance the development of human resources by educators working in educational institutes in line with global threats. This can also help plan and make the best use of the resources to be used. The purpose of this current study was to inform educational designers, administrators, and experts in order to promote the developmental aspects of human capital that require time and effort to improve human skills and abilities that contribute to the nation's growth and development. The study's target population was all teacher educators employed in Hyderabad's teacher’s education institutes. The information was gathered from 121 teacher educators in District Hyderabad who work for 5 different teacher education institutes. The null hypotheses are rejected since the two-tailed one sample t-test resulted in a significant alpha value of 0.05, t(120) = 4.26, 3.49, 17.16, 13.39 and p< .001. The result shows that the institutes face challenges and problems of human resource management climate, performance Appraisal, Induction in in-service, Training Needs, majority of the respondents were in agreement level and the result was significant therefore, there are challenges and problems in conducting training in terms of resources, and teachers competencies and needs of the inservice trainings.

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