Social Impacts of Turkish Dramas on Pakistani Audience: A Case Study of Derilis Ertugul Season-I

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Ali Asghar Ghanghro
Dr. Ghulam Ali Buriro
Adnan Magsi


The present study is intended to analyze and explore the social impacts of Season-I Dirilis Ertugrul aired by TRT and on Pakistani national channels. Qualitative case study approach is used to carry out an in-depth understanding and exploration of intricate phenomenon within some specific context in the field of drama or cinema theatre. Thus entire study explores the various context of the serial Season-I Dirilis Ertugrul. Further the study has been carried out and analyzed under the theoretical framework suggested by Gerbner in 1960. The common method for analyzing the impacts of drama or cinema theatre is exploratory case study method used by scholars to analyze the impacts of dramas. The present case study implies the framework of cultivation theory suggested by Gerbner. The findings of the study have shown that season-I of Dirilis Ertugrul carries numerous impacts, but the major impacts analyzed by the researcher are: Love for religion, Love for nation, rural ways of life integrated with Islamic ways, Challenges faced by nature and well as enemies, Internal conflicts, Women contribution in social and national development and Pan Islamic representation. The study also suggests few recommendations for future researcher scholars interested in carrying out such type of the research studies.

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