Role of Women Parliamentarians in Bringing Social And Political Changes and Influencing the Legislation in Pakistan

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Abdul Rahim Shar
Muhammad Ali Panhyar
Noor Bano Chachar


The role of women in Pakistan has remained a debatable topic. The history is full of struggles that women did and their successes they achieved. The main purpose of this study is to investigate how women parliamentarian play their role in changing the dimensions of politics, upbringing social changes and influencing the legislation of Pakistan for encouraging women to come up and play their parts and make Pakistan a balanced society for all genders to live. The study has used general entries and documents for the study due to volatile nature of the topic and lacks in approach to women parliamentarians. It is found that women parliamentarian in Pakistan have an alarming and prominent influence in active politics and will of the women to join them. Moreover, the reserved quota has encouraged women to come forward and play their part in society making, politics and legislation. It is found that women are active and productive in any decision making, social buildings and political issues of Pakistan. They not only encourage women to actively participate in affairs of the country but also welcome every gender to work side by side with them.

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