A Study on the Reasons of Son Preference in Pashtun Families of Quetta City

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Anam Aqil Khan
Shabana Muhammad Anwar
Dr.Ameer Ali Abro


< p align="justify">Present study is based on qualitative research which was conducted in Quetta city the capital city of Baluchistan, and area wise the biggest province of Pakistan. The sample method of present research was purposive method which include 20 interviews and 2 FGDS comprising of 10 member each, all data were taken from mothers who come to Gynecology ward for delivery case and all mothers were belongs to Pashtun culture to know the reasons for the preference of son. The present study reveals that sons are preferred due to bringing up family name; only they can perform their late parent’s rites, more sons means more strength of family and for not having son, mother is ignored by the other members of the family, present study data was taken by semistructured interviews and from data different themes were drawn like impact on mother, family size and preference of son, which has sub-themes. Giving preference to son results in discriminatory practices against daughters. Present study recommend that girl child care policy should be promoted by different campaigns in Quetta city by Ngo’s effort/ support and parents have to change their comportment for daughters and provide them equal care and value like sons, because if daughter grooming will be virtuous then she will be become good mother and if mother is good groomed the nation will be groomed and it is also suggest to promote girl education as well as, for minimizing the family size.

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