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Muniza Malik
Lubna Ahmed Soomro
Fouzia Habib Siddiqui


Personality is a non-intellectual representation of the individual. It refers to the type of thinking, feelings, and set of behaviors of individuals. Academic achievements prove the performance of students in educational settings. Personality traits influence the strategies and attitudes for the attainment of goals. There are two basic objectives of this study. First, it measures the personality characteristics of high and low academic achievers. Second, it analyzes the differences in the personality characteristics of high versus low academic achieving participants. This is cross-sectional research. This study was conducted among six hundred students of the University of Sindh, Jamshoro. Among them, three hundred were high academic achievers and three hundred were low academic achievers. The study participants were selected through purposive sampling. The standardized California Personality inventory was administered to the participants to assess their personality characteristics. Then differences in their responses were analyzed. Results of this research indicate that high achiever students’ personality characteristics are not matched with low achiever students. High achievers appeared responsible and had more self-acceptance and feelings of achievement via independence. As expected, the low academic achievers were higher on socialization.

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