Sports as an Agent of Deradicalization: Pakistan and the World

  • Dr. Musarat Amin
  • Dr. Rizwan Naseer
  • Dr. Ameer Ali Abro
Keywords: Deradicalization, Sports, Europe, Pakistan, Youth, Society


The contemporary world has confronted with many security challenges in which the phenomenon of radicalization is worth mentioning. The nation states are taking kinetic means to root out radicalization but less attention is paid to the non-kinetic means such as the sports to address this issue. This paper aims to analyze the stirring role of sports to deradicalize the radical segments of various societies and bring peace which is contributing to the development of any state. It also lays down three levels of sports activities (i) community level (ii) University/college level (iii) Madrassa level. This paper unfolds that European societies have maintained peace by engaging their youth into sports activities and various countries are using sports as a method of deradicalizing their youth. Present government of PTI in Pakistan is prioritizing sports to engage youth in sports and promote cohesion among society. This paper concludes with the argument the bringing madrassas under ministry of education in Pakistan will help promoting sports and inclusion of advanced curriculum. Paper offers compelling argument to follow some of the deradicalzing models adopted by various countries through sports.