About the Journal


          The HEC recognized in “Y” Cateogry International Reseach Journal on Physical Education & Sports Science entitled “The Shield” is published annually by the Centre for Physical Education, Health & Sports Science, functioning in the Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Sindh, Jamshoro, Pakistan. It is a double blind peer reviewed journal which aims to provide latest updates and advancement in the field of Physical Education, Health & Sports Science and development of critical thinking and interest towards research oriented studies. 


          The major objective of bringing out this journal is to provide a forum for the scholars engaged in the study of Physical Education, Health & Sports Science, and the scholars of other faculties will be considered if relate their subject matter with this important discipline.

Scope of Journal:

      The main objective of “The Shield” is to gather specialists from various fields, including sport, physical activity, kinesiology, education, health and nutrition, to provide the opportunity for multidimensional debates and comprehensive understanding of how physical activity influences human life. Researchers from areas that are related to sport and health are invited to publish their original research and its practical applicability. Our aimed group of expert includes academic researchers, kinesitherapists, physical education and sports teachers, physicians in sports medicine, psychologists, nutritionists, coaches and any other researchers involved in the sports field.
The Shield aims to give an incentive and a dispersal medium for the research activity. The Shield primarily publishes articles in the following fields: the natural sciences of sport, social and behavioral sciences and humanities, sports management, sports medicine, sports pedagogy and sport itself. The journal also aims to facilitate and enhance communication across all sub-disciplines of the sport sciences. The journal awaits original papers, review articles, technical reports and short communications that contain new insight into any aspect of the sport sciences that have not been previously published and are not under consideration for publication elsewhere.
The Shield covers all aspects of Physical Education and Sport
*   Didactics, Educational Technologies and Special Pedagogy
*   Physical Activity,
*    Biomechanics,
*    Combat Sports and Martial Arts,
*    Comparative PE and Sport
*    Training and Coaching Science,
*    Games,
*    Individual Sports,
*    Kinanthropometry,
*    Kinesiology,
*    Motor Learning and Control,
*    Philosophy of Sport,
*    Political Science of Sport,
*    Sociology of Sport,
*    Sport and Exercise Physiology,
*    Sport and Exercise Psychology,
*    Sport Facilities,
*    Sport for All,
*    Sport History,
*    Sport Information,
*    Sport Management and Administration
*    Sport Pedagogy
*    Sports Law,
*    Sports Medicine, Physical Education curriculum, Sports Sociology