Assessing the Impact of Higher Education Commission’s Training on University Teachers’ Performance: Case Study of University of Sindh

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Ghulam Muhammad Bhutto
Dr. Imamuddin Khoso
Dr. Ashique A. Jhatial


University teachers are considered valuable resource to impart quality education. A large body of academic research has shown that training university teachers has positive and significant impact on student learning. Under HEC initiative of FPDP a large number of public sector university teachers were provided training with intent to enhance student learning, research productivity and meet modern higher educational standards. As a result, this study aimed at assessing the Impact of Higher Education Commission‟s Training on University Teachers‟ Performance. In this study, we present initial findings of pilot testing of data collection instrument. Preliminary findings reveal the need that in order to keep up the pace with modern education standards and be able to compete with rest of the world, HEC and universities‟ authorities need to devise relevant teachers training programs to update the pedagogical and research skills of university teachers. The training given by HEC Pakistan under FPDP have significantly improved overall confidence of trained teachers in their perceived abilities and skills to better perform teaching and research tasks. Further policy implications of findings are discussed in last section of the article.

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