A State of Physical Education and Sports in Pakistan: A Critical Analysis on Lack of Infrastructure and Framework in Pakistani Institutions

  • Dr. Arshad Bashir
  • Dr. Ameer Ali Abro
  • Dr. Saeed Anwar
  • Dr. Mumtaz Ali
Keywords: Physical Education, Sport, Mental Development, Physical Education programs


No nation can make progress without the provision of healthy people in its community. One way of maintaining healthy individuals in our communities is to integrate physical education and sports in our education system. The paper is intended to provide a critical analysis on infrastructure and framework for physical education and sports in Pakistani institutions. The issue of physical education is explored by collecting data through a questionnaire having a sample of 380 people from those institutions that offer programs in physical education. Additionally, interviews of faculty and administrative authorities of physical education program were conducted to gain in-depth idea of existing situation of physical education and sports in Pakistan. The findings indicate that physical education is necessary not only for physical growth, but also have deep impact on mental growth, social development, leadership skills and life style of an individual. The results of existing condition of physical education in Pakistan reflects that a least attention is paid by the government and the education system. As the result, the system is lacking the infrastructure and framework for physical education in educational institutions of Pakistan. The paper concludes with the recommendations to improve the overall situation of physical education in Pakistan.