School Teacher’s Views about Supervisor’s Strategies for the Improvement of Instructions

  • Dilnashin Bibi
  • Hafiz Muhammad Inamullah
  • Hafiz M. Irshadullah
  • Muhammad Khalil
Keywords: Instruction, Supervision, Strategies, Instructional Supervisors


Instruction is the actual engagement of learners with planned learning opportunities. Supervision of instruction is multifaceted interpersonal process dealing with teacher‟s behavior, curriculum, grouping of students and teacher‟s utilization of all skills for set targets. In Pakistan the instructional supervision is the duty of school principals, headmasters and the Education officers. This study was conducted to know the views of the school teachers about the strategies of instructional supervisors for the improvement of instruction. A random sample of 468 Secondary School Teachers (SST) was selected from 95 Girls High Schools of the seven Districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Data were collected through a self-constructed questionnaire. Chi-Square test was applied to gain reliable results through the SPSS software program. Major findings of the study indicated that all instructional supervisors had proper knowledge and skills to perform their role as instructional leaders but due to their hectic schedules they could not manage to supervise the schools properly. Moreover, lack of budget and other facilities was found to be the main hurdle in promotion of effective teaching practices. Thorough knowledge of instructional objectives was required to be communicated to the supervisors and the subject teachers. New methods of teaching and evaluation are likely to be adopted. Measures need to be taken to improve the parent‟s involvement in the process of teaching and learning.