Pragmatic Analysis of Communicative Features that Design Structure of Reports on Sports in Newspapers

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Nadir Ali Mugheri
Ali Siddiqui
Jan Muhammad Kalyar


The present study tries to analyze a relation of reports on sports with pragmatic communicative structures. The communicative structures are analyzed through two basic concepts of pragmatics. They are speech acts and co-operative principles. The idea of dialectical application has been worked by Walton (1995). The application of Walton (1995) tended to analyze reports of Pakistani sports. The types of sports selected for this study are cricket, table tennis and Kabaddi. The communicative structures in reports are taken from the two renowned newspapers “The Dawn” and “The News”.  The aim of this study is served through eclectic paradigm. The data is quantitatively analyzed with discussion. The two basic concepts of pragmatics have given a view that no chief differences lies after analyses of different games with application of different strategies employed by reporter for accomplishment of above discussed critical tool.


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