The Role of Socialization in Child’s Personality Development

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Mr. Abdul Rahim Chandio
Mr. Manzoor Ali


The current study aims to highlight the basic ingredients of socialization to impact the children’ personality development as it socializes children with the diverse traits to make their capable to adjust with the society and lead a successful life. The concept of socialization encircles the wide range process through which children learn the culture and becomes an integrating part of society. Moreover, Socialization is a continuing process of learning thus it cannot be achieved abruptly and influenced by the diverse determinants as it relies on the social experience and enlightenment which differs from society to society. Henceforth, a healthy society can provideeffective socialization as compare to a deviant society. Primary socialization starts with the early learning that inculcates the moral support, the accomplishment of the basic needs, social awareness, and degree of enlightenment and the maturity of a child within the close associates as family and peer groups. It allows the recognition of a sound personality to emerge via a healthy growth of children in the sphere of biological, psychological, emotional and economic aspects and it socializes a generation to cultivate through education, ethical values, positive attitude, confidence, good health, and material welfare. It suggests how to socialize a child and draw attention to the factors which impact Children’s overall development. This study encircles the descriptive qualitative based methodology and it gives an empirical study to investigate the socializing agents in the way of development of children’s personality. Moreover, 238 questionnaires were distributed in which 200 feedback achieved and response rate maintained 84.03%. This study encompasses the methodological limitations in which data has been collected from the different segment of society such as family members, educationist, religious clerics, and medical doctors from the district Dadu and Qumbarshahdadkot in order to inquire the development of children via different factors of socialization. The chief objective of the prevailing study is to investigate socializing factors (primary and secondary socialization) to impact the children in a positive and negative means.

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