Mental Violence Causes Major Discrimination in Society: A Sociological Study

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Dr. Ali Murad Lajwani
Mr. Syed Waqar Hussain Shah


This paper presents the research paradigm related to mental violence which is extremely hurtful abuse of feeling and behaving inelegantly. This is an ill-treatment creates major discrimination, and violence for both female and male alike. The causes and consequences of mental violence are mentioned, in connection with addressing the circumstances of intolerance and unfairness. The issue of mental violence was investigated for addressing social discrimination while promoting associative interactions and good behavioral practices. The 357 respondents from different working backgrounds were involved. Almost 75 percent responses were in yes on mental violence exist at the workplace within offices etc. Undeniably, the issue of mental violence has been deep-rooted in the present time which causes internal and external threats within families, institutions and social spheres. The primary data revealed that all age groups are victims of mental problems like trauma, anxieties, chronic depressions, and mental disorders. Sadly, the issue of mental violence has touched the communities widely. The secondary data presented that every year more than 1.6 million people worldwide lose their lives due to violence. A large number of populations face severe mental violence in shape of insults, threats, inappropriate languages within families, in academic and non-academic institutions, and at other workplaces. This research paper presents the mixed methods research on symptoms of behavioral issues which cause destructions of relationships. The factors of sensitizations and realizations are researched comprehensively on promoting healthy behaviors.

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Dr. Ali Murad Lajwani, & Mr. Syed Waqar Hussain Shah. (2019). Mental Violence Causes Major Discrimination in Society: A Sociological Study. The Catalyst: Research Journal of Modern Sciences, 1(1). Retrieved from