Gender Differences in Motivation Level for Learning English as an L2

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Saira Niaz
Nazish Memon
Sumera Umrani


L2 motivation is considerably important factor which may influence the learning process and achievement (Gardner and Lambert, 1972; Oxford, 1996; Lasagabaster, 2011). This small-scale study focuses on potential differences that may prevail in language learning motivation based on gender particularly in the context of Sindh, Pakistan (Hashwani, 2008). This study used the quantitative approach to inquire the gender differences in the motivation level. The data was collected through a questionnaire, an adapted model of Attitude Motivation Test Battery (AMTB), from 103 participants - males (N=51) and females (N=52). The study used independent samples t-test in order to test the gender differences. Results of this study showed no gender differences in the motivational level of male and female English language learners.

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