Patterns of Learning Styles through E- Learning in Pakistan

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Faryal Razzaq
Sadia Shaikh
Farhan Zeb Khaskhelly


E-learning is no longer confined to distance education but implies to the electronic elements and tools incorporated into day to day teaching of the traditional courses. This paper attempts to classify various levels of e-learning and how they are similar or disparate in nature. E-learning is an emerging field in Pakistan, therefore, in this paper; the cultural differences in the learning preferences are highlighted. The objective of this research is to determine the learning style preferences in various mediums of e-learning environment in Pakistan. Results revealed that Aural/Auditory style of learning is the preferred predominant style for both the genders in various categories of e-learning. However, it was also found that there are gender differences in learning styles. The research findings have both theoretical and practical implications for academia to improvise the emergent e-learning academic domain.

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