Motivating English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Adult Learners: Challenges to Prepare Them for Future and Job Market

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Muhammad Sabboor Hussain


This paper analyzes the factors that play the role in the high or low motivational level of adult EFL learners all over the world in general and in Saudi Arabia in particular. The study starts with the quantitative tool of 28 items survey designed on Academic Motivational Scale, administered on Likert 5-point scale at 200 adult EFL learners to measure their motivation and compare it across gender and across academic levels. With the qualitative research tools of structured interviews, all the categories of EFL teachers of various nationalities and English Language Unit administration have also been approached. The study recommends workable motivational reforms which can improve the existing scenario and raise the motivational level of Preparatory Year Programme EFL adult learners to prepare them well for the job market. The paper, unlike the previous studies which highlight the negativity only, presents both the positive and negative aspects of EFL adult learners‟ motivation in learning English.

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