Sindh University Research Journal (Science Series) SURJ is published regularly since 1964, disseminating essentially the research output of the Faculty of Natural Science. In this modern era, the scientific research and innovations is taking the front line in academia and between the academicians. The role of high quality research journals is heighted to ensure publication and dissemination of these scientific research and innovative ideas. The Sindh University Research journal (Science Series) SURJ is publishing from the Faculty of the Natural Science, funding by Higher Education Commission (HEC).  The scope of this journal is all fields of natural Science and related fields. This journal is the bridge which is fill the gap between researchers and dissemination of their research findings. Sindh University Research journal is open access journal. International refereed research publishing journal with a focused aim on promoting and publishing original high-quality research. Sindh University Research Journal is Higher Education Commission (HEC) recognized quarterly research journal placed in ‘Y’ category.

Aim of the Journal

The aim of this journal is to encourage researchers, investigators and scientists to publish their research findings to allow wider dissemination with aim of applying those for the benefit of the society. The journal is covering full spectrum of the specialties in all fields of natural science. It would include original research articles, review articles, case reports, and scientific findings from within specified domain areas.

Journal Scope

The mission of this journal is to promote innovative ideas and original research in the field of Natural Science. The scope of this journal is in those specific areas of interest covering, but are not restricted to, the following fields are:

  •  Information and Communication Technology
  •  Software Engineering
  •  Physics
  •  Chemistry
  •  Mathematics/ Computer Science
  •  Statistics
  •  Electronics
  •  Telecommunication
  •  Biochemistry
  •  Biotechnology/ Genetics Engineering
  •  Geography
  •  Geology
  •  Zoology
  •  Physiology
  •  Environmental Science
  •  Plant Science
  •  Microbiology
  •  Anthropology/Archaeology
  •  Physical
  •  Fresh Water Biology/ Fisheries