Training for Agile Transformation at Universities: A Case Study Analysis

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: With the wide spread use of agile methodologies in software development industry proper training of software engineers to cope with the diversity of agile development process has become more crucial than before. One solution for development organizations is to train and prepare their teams for agile acceptance. Although it is the most common scenario for organizations who wish for agile transformation, but this process is slow and lengthy as teams with zero prior agile exposure feel the burden of agile practices and sometimes become defiant. Another solution is to groom perspective software engineers with agile practices in universities and other training institutions. This solution is less expensive, widespread, and long lasting. The following paper analyzes the proceedings and retrospective of a graduate level course of agile software development delivered at a public sector university. The course is based on Agile skill development using Extreme Programming practices in project based training environment. The course was designed and taught with a research goal to establish applicable and realistic guidelines for organizing and delivering an agile methodology training. Such guidelines are of fundamental importance; as agile methodologies require a profound skill development so that perspective software engineers can accept the technological as well as social transformation that is an integral part of an agile development setup.

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