Parametric Based Clustering of Reusable Components

  • M. H. ZAFAR
  • M. ILYAS
  • W. AHMAD
  • S. M. ADNAN
Keywords: Software Components, Software Clustering, Software Reusability, Software Classification.


Building new software by using existing software that has been developed by using reusability principles is known as software reuse. It results in reduction of effort and time to develop software. It also increases reliability, portability, maintainability and productivity of software product. But the problem is a lack to symmetric way to store reusable components so that retrieval of component done with less time. One of the solutions is to classify reusable components. We use clustering technique to classify reusable components because clustering results in reduction of search space by cataloguing similar objects together. In this research we propose a framework that is used to understand the process of clustering and to give a practical shape to this framework. In this framework software reusable components are provide with their associated parameters. On the basis of these parameters, software reusable components are clustered. Finally proposed clustering algorithm is evaluated by applying this algorithm on different software reusable components. Presentation of results is in the form of table and graph which shows the successful clustering of reusable components.