Assessing prospective Trainers’ use of Networking sites by Technology Acceptance Model (TAM)

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: Nowadays technology has brought drastic effects on human life. In the field of -learning, the use of modern technology has become a common trend. At Instructor training institutions, technology has reshaped the training modes. It has equipped the prospective Instructors to become effective Instructors in terms of modern technology usage and new strategies for . In Pakistan, the major transition took place in the field of Instructor learning with the launch of Instructor Learning Project by United States Agency International Development (USAID) in collaboration with HEC, Pakistan. Under this transition, the traditional one-year Instructor learning programs were phased out and new technology integrated four years B.Ed. (Hons.) Instructor learning programs were launched. This study aims to explore the issues and challenges faced by prospective Instructors to use modern technology especially networking sites effectively in learning process. It is based on Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) model which was developed by Davis (1986). This research focuses on exploring the level of comfort in using network by prospective Instructors in their professional during their practicum component of B.Ed. (Hons.). A survey questionnaire was adopted by using framework of TAM. The sample of this study are the students studying in at University of Sindh, Hyderabad, Pakistan. In total 77 students were enrolled into four batches of B.Ed. (Hons.) degree program selected through census sampling method. The main findings of the study are that prospective Instructors are fully motivated to use networking sites in their practicum and they are eager to use network in their professional as well. The study concluded that use of network has become integral part of modern -learning process.

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S. SOOMRO, T. BHATTI, A. B. SOOMRO, F. QURESHI, & N. I. ALI. (2018). Assessing prospective Trainers’ use of Networking sites by Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) . Sindh University Research Journal - SURJ (Science Series), 50(3D).