A Case Study on Network Enhancement from Copper to FIBER in PTCL

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Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL), is a company that is ready to explore its boundaries and achieve out of the box solutions that will hopefully change the face of the telecommunication market in the years to come. In today’s day and age there are many different ideas and products that the nation has direct or indirect access to PTCL is known to have its exchanges located in different key localities all over Pakistan to provide users with easy access for queries and concerns that may arise along with service solutions that can people have direct access to. One such that is under discussion for this research is the Pakistan Employees Cooperative Housing Society, better known as PECHS. The PECHS exchange is serving 45000+ subscribers both, residential and corporate, under their respective domain. Currently the exchange is functioning under the copper network, however, there is a complete plan to change this network to new Fibre versions. The main purpose of the Network Transformation Project (NTP) pilot project is to overcome the limitations of copper network and to rehabilitate this old network (i.e. copper) by new network of MSAGS (i.e. Fibre) that will ultimately end up making the PECHS exchange a model exchange with a complete Fibre network and as well as an increase in the PECHS exchanges subscriber base. This NTP Pilot project is basically named as ‘PECHS Network Transformation’

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RAHMA NADEEM. (2018). A Case Study on Network Enhancement from Copper to FIBER in PTCL . Sindh University Research Journal - SURJ (Science Series), 50(3D). https://doi.org/10.26692/surj.v50i3D.1234