Distribution of ABO Blood Groups and Rhesus Factor In ß-Thalassemia Patients at Thalassemia Care Center NawabShah, Pakistan

  • N. M. BAIG
  • T. R. CHARAN
  • R. SUHAG
Keywords: Thalassemia, ABO and Rhesus factor, Survival rate.


Beta Thalassemia is a genetic disorder affecting millions around the word including Pakistan. Thalassemia is a major problem of concern causing high mortality rate in children, adolescents and adults. Thalassemia patients need repeated transfusion, which might result into number of complications. Many studies have reported association of ABO blood groups with diseases. The associations of ABO blood group with thalassemia have not been extensively studied. In order to find out the prevalence of thalassemia according to age, gender and frequency of blood groups, a retrospective study was carried out in 810 thalassemia patients. Our finding suggests the prevalence of thalassemia was higher in male patients than female patients. Higher number of patients was found in the lower age group ≤ 5 years old. The pattern of ABO blood groups was O> B > A> AB. Rh negative factor was significantly (P< 0.05) higher in female patients than male patients. In conclusion higher prevalence of thalassemia patients was found in male patients and females were found to have higher prevalence of Rh-negative group.