An Investigation of an Ecological study of Phytoplankton of Chickan Lake District Dadu, Sindh, Pakistan

  • Z. A. PALH
  • S. A. BROHI
  • G. Y. BROHI
Keywords: Chickan lake, Investigation, Phytoplankton, Wildlife Sanctuary


Chickan Lake is famous historical lake located at Palh village 26º 57’33.94 N, 67º 51’ 06. 10 E in the province of Sindh, 28 km North of Dadu city and Present investigation of an ecological studies of phytoplankton of Chickan Lake during January 20016 to December 2016. In this study there were four sampling station selected for sampling purpose at the commanding area of lake? The research work is concerned the assessment of different water quality parameters and determinations of planktons, which is essential for investigation and productivity of lake. To assess the hydrological parameters of lake i.e.: Temperature, Transparency, pH, TSS, TDS, Salinity, Hardness, Chlorides, Dissolve Oxygen, the analysis of biological parameters indicates the presence of Plankton population which belongs to different groups such as Cynophayta, Chlorophyta, Euglenophyta and Bacillariophyta, the population of phytoplankton belongs to different groups were dominant as compare to the zooplankton. The water quality is being changed due to seasonal variation which impact on plankton flora and fauna resulting in seasonal variation in their numbers and composition.