Protecting Environment through Technology Innovation

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Environmental issue associated with various types of power plants, is an international problem. The situation of the environment in developing countries, that it is being damaged and Pakistan is no exception. Energy is produced by different sources, and is creating a range of pollution problems. Consequently, environmental degradation is due to the production of harmful pollution constituents at the source of the energy. The purpose of this research is to determine solutions to such environmental problems and minimize pollution by using environmentally friendly equipment. This paper includes the practical example of ‘Tiefstack Thermal Power station’ in Germany, which is a modern power station with minimum population hazards to the environment. Considering today’s projects of setting up power plants, methods of using sophisticated equipment are chosen to limit the use of landfill and solid waste in the combustion process. Waste minimization measures are produced by modern technology applications, such as improved and efficient furnaces that are economical in fuel use. Increasing the sulphur content in the atmosphere, causing Acid fog, Acid rain, and other factors creating the situation of global warming is examined. Several methods of controlling compounds of sulphur and particulate emissions are described. Various types of nuclear waste are discussed and different types of disposal methods are illustrated. In the end, measures, recommendation and conclusions are drawn, concisely.

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