Effect of Seasonal Variations of Fresh Water crabs of Shaker loy(Siyap) Stream of District Nushki Balochistan Pakistan

Keywords: Crabs, Temperature, Shaker loy, Stream, Balochistan


The present study was design to assess the freshwater crabs and physico –chemical parameters of shakerloy (Siyap) stream district Nushki Balochistan Pakistan. Collection of water and crab samples was started from March 2017 to February 2018. In case of crabs total five species of fresh water crabs Potamonibericum, Potamonfluviatile, Potamongedrosianum, Pyxidognathusfluviatilis and Austrotelphusatransversa were found as dominant species of Shaker loy stream. The water quality parameters like temperature, turbidity, pH, dissolved oxygen, salinity, total dissolved solids, conductivity and biological oxygen demands were enumerated and noticed within the suitable ranges and no significant variation was recorded. Finally concluded that water of Shaker loystream found to be suitable for drinking, irrigation and fisheries management purpose.