Evaluation of essential oil components from the fruit peelings of two commercially important varieties Dusehri and Chaunsa mango (Mangiferaindica L.), found in Mirpurkhas Sindh Pakistan

  • F. S. BALOCH1
  • N. S. JILANI1
  • S. S. TAHIR
  • S. T. H. SHERAZI
  • M. T. RAJPUT
Keywords: Mangiferaindica varieties, Dusehri, Chaunsa, peelings, essential oil, components.


The significant oil constituents obtained from the natural fruit peelings of the two economically imperative types of mango (MangiferaindicaL.) were analyzed with the aid of GC-MS. For this investigation GC-MS was utilized for the portrayal of the separated essential oil. Two Mango varieties to be specific, Dusehri and Chaunsa were chosen from Mirpurkhas locale. Fundamental essential oil was acquired from mango peelings by hydro refining strategy. The aggregate 19 essential oil segments extending between 0.68-19.67% recognized from the Dusehri and Chaunsa mango variations. Tridecane was discovered about equivalent sum in the two assortments with 17.46% and 17.38%. Yield of essential oil was observed to be 3.60% in mango peelings of Dusehri, while3.7% in Chaunsa assortment. Current examination demonstrated that peelings of mango varieties could be utilized to obtain numerous beneficial elements as well as the potential for utilizing them in various industrial and pharmaceuticals.