Column Penalty Method for Solving assignment Problems

  • R. M. AHMED
  • F. N. MEMON
Keywords: Assignment Problem . Column Penalty Method . Efficient Method . Optimal Solution.


The Assignment Problem is one of the fundamental combinatorial optimization problems in the field of Operations Research. The goal of the assignment problem is to minimize the cost or time of completing a number of activities by a number of resources. An important characteristic is the number of sources equal to the number of destinations. In this paper, Column Penalty Method (CPM) for solving assignment problem is proposed. It can be seen that the results obtained by the proposed Column Penalty method reduces order of the matrix, number of tables and the number of iterations. It is anefficient method that will reduce steps in order to get optimal solution. The proposed method is also compared with the wellknown Hungarian Method and other existing methods. This method can also be used to solve any real physical world problem such as production planning, telecommunication design, traveling salesman problem, and the Airline Crew Assignment Problem (ACAP).