Dynamic Length Based Data Aggregation in Machine Type Communications

  • L. ASLAM
  • A. AKRAM
  • U. SAEED
  • Z. IRFAN
Keywords: Data Aggregation; IoT; Machine type Communication;


For machine type communications, the use of aggregation has got a lot of attention in the recent past. In this article a dynamic length based aggregation technique is presented. Performance of proposed technique is evaluated with respect to three key aspects, namely, number of random access procedures, utilization of radio resources, and transmission latency. It is shown that like other techniques in literature our technique also reduces number of RA procedures, improves utilization of radio resources, at the cost of extra transmission latency. The demonstrated distinguishing feature of our technique is that it does not fail for very low traffic loads. The proposed technique works equally well for very low traffic toads to very high traffic loads.