Determination of Nutritional Status of Postmenopausal Women

  • Q. SHAH
  • A. R. ABBASI
  • A. BIBI
Keywords: Nutritional status, Body mass index, Waist circumference, Postmenopausal Women.


In this study the level of nutritional status of postmenopausal women was assessed. The data was collected from the participants on pretested semi structured questionnaire. A total of 264subjects of age 40 to 90 years were randomly selected and anthropometric measurements of the samples such as height and weight were measured for the calculation of Body Mass Index(BMI), while hip and waist were measured for calculation of Hip –Waist Ratio. History and clinical assessment was noted. Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) version 21 was used for the entry and analysis of the data. The mean age was found to be 57 ± 10.797 years and mean BMI was determined to be 29.570 ± 6.4226.Mean Hip and waist ratio was calculated as 1.071± 0.1361. A significant correlation between Hip-waist ratio, BMI, Waist circumference and height in meter square were calculated in the selected samples. The high prevalence of obesity and overweight are suggested in the current study. The provided evidences can be used for supporting to establishment and implementation of prevention further increase in obesity and related diseases and disorders.