Life forms study of Acrididae (Orthoptera) in Hyderabad Sindh, Pakistan

  • B. A. BUGHIO
  • A. M. AHMED
  • A. M. RAHOO
Keywords: Acrididae, Taxonomy, Life-forms, Terri-arenicole , Terri-deserticole


During present work seven species and subspecies of the tribe Acrotylini and Locustini were found and further observed for life forms. It was noticed that Acrotylushumbertianus A.longipessubfasciatus A.longipessubfasciatus were Terri-arenicole, A.insubricusinsubricus, A. patruelisare Terri-deserticole. Herrich-Schaffer and species of tribe Locustini namely, Locustamigratoria are Graminicole, Gastrimargusafricanussulphureus were Graminicole, Therefore life –form study of was taken from Acrididae of Hyderabad that collected from Agricultural field and semi deserted areas and preliminary result are presented here. The occurrence of various life forms of grasshoppers indicated their favorable environmental conditions. Beside this, the insect distribution were also observed.