The first two Records of Darkling Beetles (Tenebrionidae: Coleoptera)) from Lower Sindh, Pakistan

  • F. D. SOOMRO
  • Z. MEMON
Keywords: Tenebrionidae, Cosmopolitan, Stored Products, New Records.


Family Tenebrionidae has great economic importance as it contains insect pest that are cosmopolitan in nature and most imperatively are associated with stored products. Darkling beetles are a large group of insects that belong to the family Tenebrionidae and affect the stored products. At the present 03 sub-families namely: Stinochinae, Tenebrioninae and Pimeliinae were reported. During this survey a total number of 300 specimens were collected and sorted out into 10 species i.e. Promethissemiculcata (Fairmaire, 1882), Promethiscoracina (Knoch, 1801), Promethispunctulator (Fairmaire, 1883), Strongyliumforcipicullis (Fairmaire, 1900), Uloma excise (Gebien, 1913), Triboliummolitor (Linnaeus 1758), Alphitobiuslaevigatus (Fabricius 1781), Gonocephalumhispidocustatum (Fairmaire, 1883), Trachydermahispida (Forskal, 1775), Pimeliacapito (Krynicky 1832). However, Trachydermahispida (Forskal.1775) Pimeliacapito (Krynicky 1832) were captured for the first time they are new records for this region in this paper their detail account was presented along with photographs.