Condition and Length-weight relationship of mountain carps Labeo Diplostomus and Labeo Dyocheilus from Khirthar torrent Nai Gaj, Sindh, Pakistan

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The paper presents the first report on the length-weight relationship and condition of Labeo diplostomus and Labeo dyocheilus from Nai Gaj, mountain torrent, Sindh. The fish species in the genus Labeo are considered important due to their nutritional value and as aquaculture species. Both of these species are considered the substitute of Rahu in the hilly areas of Indian sub-continent. Sampling was carried out from January to December 2016. In total 74 specimen of L. dyocheilus, and 80 specimen of L. diplostomus, were examined in the laboratory of FWB and Fisheries, University of Sindh, Jamshoro for length (cm) and weight (g). That data was utilized to generate the length-weight equations, Relative condition factor (Kn) and Fultons condition factor (KF). The total length of L. diplostomus ranged between (13-26.5 cm) and that of L. dyocheilus ranged between (15-27.1 cm). The length-weight analysis gave highly significant values of R2 for both species (> 90; 0.001). The values of b of L. diplostomus and L. dyocheilus were 2.90 and 2.16, respectively, indicating the negative allomatric growth, however within the suggested range (2.5-3.5). This paper presents first report on any aspect of L. diplostomus and L. dyocheilus, which will be helpful for fisheries management of these species after the construction and functioning of Nai Gaj dam.

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