Challenges in Augmented Reality: An Empirical Analysis

  • A. BURDI
  • S. AWAN
  • A. A. KHAN
  • F. A. ABBASI
  • S. H. F. NAQVI
Keywords: Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence


Nowadays, the rapid enhancement in the field of Computer Sciences, especially the emerging technology like Augmented Reality (AR)which turns the direction toward itself, but at the same time it gains attention of world researchers regarding critical challenges appear in multiple situations. Augmented totally out of the box of virtual reality, basically it creates a platform where digital information and reality collaborate with same platform, where super imposed imaginary objects turn up in the real-world environment. In this repaper, we investigate the vast history, challenges arise in different environment, crucial mechanism & approaches for the development, application, status, and future of AR in upcoming couple of years.