Optimal placement and sizing of DG in Radial Distribution System using PSO Technique

  • M. H. RIND
  • M. K. RATHI
Keywords: Distributed generations, Radial distribution network, IEEE 33 bus system, PSO algorithm


Power distribution system having various buses, branches and loads that ultimately rises the power losses and from few decades, integration of solar and wind distributed generations has ever increased attention in radial distribution network (RDN). The main reason for DG integration in radial distribution system is increased load growth, transmission line loading, deregulated power system, power losses, increased greenhouse gas emissions, voltage drop and increased reliability issues in RDN. The main focus of this paper is to find optimal size and site of solar PV to improve voltage at all the nodes with in permissible limits and to reduce power losses in RDN using particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm. Here two scenarios were considered. Scenario one was the integration of 1DG and second scenario was the integration of 2DGs. Furthermore, Results obtained shows that greater number of DG integration increases the system reliability, reduces losses and improves voltage at all the nodes of the RDN.