Process of Requirement Mining Using Agile Technique

  • S. S. ZIA
  • T. J. A. MUGHAL
  • M. KHAN
Keywords: Requirement Engineering, Agile development, Process


Requirement engineering is a process in pursuit to develop a software system that can recognize, evaluate, manuscript and legalized its necessitates. Recent studies have promoted the concept of software development using agile software approaches. Several techniques have been adopted to introduce a software that is proficient enough to meet the customer requirements. This quick agile alteration requires an organization to be improved on continuous basis in their approaches to develop Requirement Engineering software. These agile alterations are beneficial due to its minimum cost strategy of change through software process. In case the project is poorly managed and the cost ratio over it is high it could mess up the entire project and the system showed its failure and problems stays remain. This work introduces a strengthen approach that concentrates on requirements and related information so as to limit and mitigate the effects of change in an agile process based on the identified challenges associated to agile development.