Paratransit Public Transport Satisfaction Level of Common People: Hyderabad city, Pakistan

  • F. BAIG
  • R. B. KHOSO


Public transport including formal and informal (Paratransit) transport plays an important role in all major cities throughout the world. One of the important issue regarding this type of transport is passenger’s satisfaction. In context of Pakistan, only few studies were conducted on the satisfaction studies regarding public transport. Furthermore, quality of public transport service as per consumers’ desires is an important issue nowadays. This study aims to assess the citizen’s perceived satisfaction regarding the quality of Paratransit public transport as well as to provide guidelines in order to improve the conditions of transportation system. Sample size for the present study was selected as 384 and an online questionnaire survey methodology with simple random sampling was implied to collect the desired data. Respondents filled Likert-scale based questions focusing demographics of the area, and R programming associated with R studio utilized for data analysis. In addition, statistical correlation was also implied to describe the relationship of various factors on overall public transport satisfaction level of people. Study is significant in terms of indicating the alarming situation of public transport in Hyderabad city and providing the public transport satisfaction related statistics, which allows policy planners to make the transport policies as per public interest.