Effects of Packaging Materials and Storage Condition on White Rice Varieties Physico-Chemical and Cooking Traits

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The study was carried out to explore some physical and cooking traits of coarse and aromatic white rice varieties namely DR-82, IR-6, Basmati-385 and Lateefy grown in Sindh and Punjab Provinces of Pakistan. The effects of packaging materials(Cotton, Gunny& Nylon) and storage time intervals were also determined on the varieties for physical and cooking parameters. The findings were accordingly established at Institute of Food Sciences and Technology, Sindh Agriculture University (SAU) Tando Jam, Pakistan. The selected samples of paddy rice varieties (DR-82, IR-6 and Lateefy) were procured from the Rice Research Institute (RRI) Dokri, Larkana, Sindh and Basmati-385 was collected from RRI Kala Shah Kaku, Punjab, Pakistan. Results revealed 1000-grain weight (g) values were high 21.30 (g) of Coarse IR-6 at initial stages although, it was lower 14.00g in aromatic Lateefyafter12 months period in Nylon Bags. High moisture content 20.00% was observed in coarse DR-82 kept in gunnybags at 06monthsperiod whereas, lowest moisture content was 6.90% in DR-82 in cotton bags at 12 months storage. The Gel consistency results revealed that all aromatic and coarse white rice varieties were medium and soft Gel length values was 99.00mm of BS-385 kept in nylon at 09monthsstorage period though, it was 60.00mm of IR-6 and Lateefy at initial stage. There was a significant difference among all varieties. Cooking quality parameter of water absorption ratio was high 4.47mm in Lateefy at 12 months in nylon bags and low 2.90mm in DR-82 at initial stages. The volume expansion ratio 5.40mm was found high in coarse IR-6 in gunnybag at 03 months storage however, 1.73mm low were in coarse IR-6 at 09months storage in gunnybags. This study concludes that packing materials, and storage temperature as well as duration significantly influence the physicochemical as well as cooking properties of the coarse and aromatic white rice varieties as the study revealed that the moisture (%) was decreased in all varieties during the storage period. There was a significant decrease in 1000-grain weight in all varieties. Physicochemical and cooking quality traits were also influenced by packages and storage environments. This research work can be useful in the collection of packaging material, storage period and temperature for suitable storage of white rice in bulk stores to keep its best superiority in maximum possible shelf life.

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N. A. LASHARI, S. A. SHEIKH, A. H. SOOMRO, & S. TUNIO. (2021). Effects of Packaging Materials and Storage Condition on White Rice Varieties Physico-Chemical and Cooking Traits. Sindh University Research Journal - SURJ (Science Series), 53(1). Retrieved from https://sujo.usindh.edu.pk/index.php/SURJ/article/view/3631