Seasonal Variation and identification of Ixodid ticks in cattle, buffalo, sheep and goats in Lower Sindh

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Tick-bornediseases are a significant human public health as well a livestock health problem in Pakistan. A survey study was carried out in lower Sindh (Tharparkar, Badin, Hyderabad, Karachi, Tando Muhammad Khan, Thatta, and Mirpurkhas). Thirteen hundred and sixty (1360) “tick samples” were collected randomly from infested Cattle, buffalo, sheep, and goats and then transported to the Parasitology laboratory, Sindh Agriculture University, Tandojam. the study was designed to investigate seasonal variation in prevalence of ticks and genus wise tick identification using the key for the tick samples of cattle, Buffalo, sheep and goats. Methodology: Investigations were performed throughout the year to record tick prevalence in various seasons, Ticks were identified on the basis of mouth parts, particularly position of the capitulum, genital aperture, festoons. Results:1360(Mean=544) were observed animals, 528(Mean=132) were the infested animals. The Study reveals the highest rate of tick infestation in the month of July(74.0, 47.5, 50,65.21%) in Cattle, Buffalo, Sheep, and Goats respectively, while the lowest rate of tick infestation was observed in the month of December(11.7,18.1, 16, 21.42%) in Cattle, Buffalo, Sheep, and Goats respectively-. Ticks collected from all districts of lower Sindh were subjected to genus wise identification and the most commonly infested ticks were belonging to the genus Hyalomma (27.5%) followed by Rhipicephalus (24.29%), Boophilus (22.80%), and Amblyomma (14.20%). Conclusion: Mild temperature and high relative humidity were identified supporting abiotic factors for tick infestation. The intensity of infestation increase with age and female host were more prone to infestation, Weak animals and cottage structures or houses were more considered as risk factors tick infestation.

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