The Route optimization for NADRA Mobile Registration Van (MRV) for Karachi

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Muhammad Arshad
Ghazala Gul Junejo
Syeda Hira Fatima Naqvi
Fida Hussain Khoso
Maryam Ghori
Hidayatullah Shaikh


Optimization is the ability of the computers when multiple destinations are available and one of the easiest and shortest paths has to be obtained where the human beings are failed to solve the problem. Many people find a challenging task to find out NADRA registration center and, in this case, NADRA has started mobile registration van in which a vehicle has to visit various routes for the registration of CNIC. Various teams are asked to visit sites and provide services to common people. During this journey, the teams have to go multiple locations, and, in this case, the repetition may occur, more fuel has to be consumed so the time is consumed more. In this paper a GUI based integrated application has been created in which Genetic Algorithm (GA) has been used to find out the optimal path for the NADRA mobile registration van. The registration teams were given the optimal path or the shortest path so that they can visit the shortest route and save fuel and time. The study can be extended to compare other optimization algorithms and the scheme can be extended to further districts or provinces of Pakistan.

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Muhammad Arshad, Junejo, G. G., Naqvi, S. H. F., Khoso, F. H., Ghori, M., & Shaikh, H. (2022). The Route optimization for NADRA Mobile Registration Van (MRV) for Karachi. Sindh University Research Journal - SURJ (Science Series), 54(3), 1-4.