Effect of body size on the concentration of two essential macroelements (Calcium and Magnesium) in wild Eutropiichthys vacha from Indus River, Taunsa Barrage, Pakistan

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Shaheen Kousar
Muhammad Naeem
Abir Ishtiaq
Shoaib Hassan
Ammar Danyal Naeem


Fish is primary protein source for human being in the universe. Overall 50 fish specimen of Eutropiithys vacha were collected from Indus River, Head Tounsa, Pakistan to check the effect of calcium and magnesium in the fish by Atomic Absorption Spectrometry. Calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg) in fish showed highly significant correlation between size (weight and length) and body burden of E. vacha. Calcium and magnesium, showed isometric relationships with body weight of wild E. vacha, indicating increase of concentrations of Ca and Mg in direct proportion to an increase in body weight of E. vacha. While Ca and Mg showed negative allometric relation in increasing fish length suggesting that these metals accumulate at a smaller proportion compared to its excretion rate as the E. vacha increases in length. Condition factor for E. vacha ranged from 0.447 to 0.930 and remained constant with metal concentrations in wet weight of the fish. The result displayed that the concentration of macroelements (Ca and Mg) in the examined fish sample were significantly affected by fish size.

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